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Classic Restoration

Classic Restoration: Reviving Automotive Legends

At Greg’s Classics And Performance, classic restoration isn’t just a service—it’s our passion. We specialize in breathing new life into vintage and classic vehicles, restoring them to their original glory while preserving the essence that makes each one unique. Our dedicated team of restoration experts combines meticulous craftsmanship with an unrivaled knowledge of classic cars, ensuring every project we undertake is executed with precision and care.

Our Restoration Services:

  • Full Vehicle Restoration: From rusted frames to engines that haven’t roared to life in decades, we take on complete restoration projects that transform forgotten relics into show-stopping classics. We meticulously work through every component, ensuring that your vehicle not only looks stunning but performs reliably on the road.
  • Exterior Restoration: We specialize in bringing back the shine and allure of classic exteriors. Our services include professional body repair, prep, and paint, using period-correct colors and techniques to achieve a flawless finish that reflects the era of your vehicle.
  • Interior Restoration: The interior of a classic car is just as important as its exterior. We restore interiors to their original condition, from reupholstering seats and repairing dashboards to refurbishing trim and fittings, all while maintaining the authentic look and feel of the vehicle.
  • Engine and Drivetrain Restoration: A classic car should drive as good as it looks. Our team expertly rebuilds engines, transmissions, and drivetrains, ensuring that your restored classic runs smoothly and reliably, ready for the road or the show.
  • Electrical Systems Upgrades: While maintaining the classic aesthetic, we can upgrade your vehicle’s electrical system, improving reliability and functionality. From wiring harness replacements to the integration of modern conveniences discreetly tucked away, we ensure your classic meets today’s standards without compromising its vintage charm.